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2021 Montepulciano

2021 Montepulciano

Pelletiere Estate Winery

This remarkable Montepulciano unveils a captivating complexity, offering a rich and alluring bouquet. Aromas of black plum and nutmeg intertwine gracefully, accompanied by subtle notes of cocoa and fresh cherry. The aroma exudes warmth and invitation, beautifully harmonizing fruitiness and spiciness.

On the palate, this wine delivers a luscious fusion of dark fruit and spice nuances. The initial sip delights with the bold juiciness of black plum, followed by layers of nuanced cocoa adding depth. Mid-palate, a burst of vibrant cherry dances alongside a hint of nutmeg spice, enhancing the wine's intricate profile.

The wine gracefully concludes with refined tannins, leaving a velvety and elegant sensation on the palate. These tannins seamlessly integrate, providing structure and balance without overshadowing the flavors. Representing the pinnacle of new-world winemaking, this Montepulciano showcases rich flavors, complex aromatics, and a sophisticated finish, ensuring a truly memorable and gratifying wine experience.


91pts - Wine Enthusiast
Willow Creek District, Paso Robles
100% Montepulciano
Titratable Acidity:
6.2 g/L
Residual Sugar:

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