2019 Dorothy Jean Chardonnay Santa Maria Valley

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The Dorothy Jean Chardonnay presents itself with a complex bouquet of aromas that immediately tantalizes the senses. Notes of ripe orchard fruit, such as juicy golden apples and sweet pears, mingle with the warm, nutty scent of almond. Hints of vanilla add a creamy sweetness, while candied citrus peel provides a touch of bright acidity that rounds out the bouquet.

On the palate, this Chardonnay delivers a lush and vibrant flavor profile, dominated by tropical fruit notes of pineapple and mango. The bright, zesty tang of lemon zest adds a refreshing acidity, making this wine a perfect companion for a hot summer day. The finish is long and satisfying.

Overall, this Chardonnay is a well-balanced wine that showcases the best qualities of the Santa Maria Valley's terroir. Its rich, complex aromas and bold, tropical flavors make it a standout choice for any occasion.



Alchohol: 14.5%
pH: 3.42
Titratable Acidity: 6.1 g/L
Residual Sugar: 0.15%