Janis Pelletiere

Growing up in a traditional Italian household in Cicero Illinois, an Italian influenced suburb on Chicago's west side, the hub of the family was always the kitchen and dining room. Often, the women gathered together to prepare delicious traditional dishes sharing stories and working shoulder to shoulder on the homemade menu, while the men of the family assembled enjoying wine and spirited conversation awaiting the main event. The meal was shared by the entire family, which included wine, and an abundance of exuberant communication and laughter. These family rituals instilled in Janis a deep sense of respect for family, a love of food & wine, and the joys of a collaborative effort. Our Pelletiere Estate wines are a reflection of these ideals and of our commitment to sustainable farming and gentle winemaking techniques.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and an irrepressible determination to succeed,  Janis Pelletiere left Chicago on her 21st birthday to make her mark on the world. Emphasizing hard work, quality, and high standards, Janis founded and grew a national market research company.  Thirty years later, Janis yearned to push the boundaries once again, this time with a challenge that would soothe her soul. To be closer to her two children attending school in San Luis Obispo,  Janis sold her San Francisco Bay Area-based company and set out for a more gracious and comfortable pace among the rolling hills of Paso Robles.  Once in Paso Robles, visiting friends took Janis wine tasting where she immediately fell in love with the beauty, serenity, and artistry of the vineyards. It was then that a passion developed to create a legacy for future family generations to savor and uphold.  Janis looked for several years until she found the perfect property to develop and name in honor of her father.

Janis enjoys a lifestyle focused on family, health, and fitness. She is also an avid golfer, runs marathons, rides her two horses, and appreciates the challenge and stimulation of the business world. Pelletiere Estate reflects Janis’ love of wellness, celebrates her commitment to family tradition, and cultivates her entrepreneurial spirit.