About Morgan Stepp

Behind what makes Pelletiere Estate & Winery shine with natural beauty and great-tasting wines are hard-working women. Morgan Pelletiere Stepp, daughter of Janis Pelletiere, is one of these women. Morgan began her journey into the wine industry at a small estate winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains. There she got a taste of the many working parts that make up a successful operation including tasting room management, wine club sales, marketing, and wine production tasks. In addition, she holds a degree in Agriculture Business with minors in Biology and Economics from California Polytechnic in San Luis Obispo. Morgan is an indispensable part of Pelletiere Estate and will ensure the winery and property will remain family-operated as 2nd generation vintner. She also oversees all the estate’s creative and marketing needs as well as curates and manages the wine club.

When Morgan is not thinking about all things wine, she likes to go on long runs and is an avid golfer like her mom. Early morning golf outings with Janis are a time to bond and of course talk business.

Morgan is a busy woman but she’s also happily a busy mom to two young daughters. Spending time with her husband and girls doing outdoor activities, watching movies and camping are a few of her favorite things.